Sunday, 11 October 2009

Checking Out The Daily Mail!

Eh? Ken Clay might raise an eyebrow here, the DM's not my usual read, but its front pages (10 Oct) covered the 'Iraq Service of Remembrance 2003-9', starring our gracious Monarch and the Archbish of Cant.  Stealing the show though was St Tony – raddled-looking in closeup. He was rightly rebuffed by Paul Brierley, one irate bereaved father he'd thoughtlessly offered to shake hands with. Blah was told angrily that he had blood on his hands. The somewhat bewildered war criminal is an outstandingly thickskinned creature, but Bliar's insensitivity and vanity know no bounds, it seems. He'd even autographed the Form of Service, as if it were some Mourner's Menu or Celeb Carte du Jour. Some crass christianity in action here. The EU if it's 'headed up' by Blare will surely lose global goodwill and credibility.

My own rants in Unholy Empires re this sanctimonious crook were justifiably satirical, I thought, but as for Phony Tony, murderous millionaire and purveyor of Middle East peace, this unimpeachable truthteller and man of Phaith has now ascended beyond mere satire and into the sublime reaches of Celestial Surreality.

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