Monday, 26 October 2009

A Religious Rant

I'm looking forward to Maggie's return tomorrow and to hearing in detail about her trip helping Palestinian farmers with their olive harvest: the aggressive Zionist settlers and the IDF bully and brutalize their victims daily to an almost incredible level of hostility, a murderous fanaticism. Ah if only we could simply do away with religion, all religions, and just behave towards each other like decent human beings and partners on this earth – sharing it and caring for it, not stealing and destroying it! 

But hey, all's OK in the UK, for C of E parson-persons can now turn RC and happily bow down to His Holiness the Blessed Krautpope Ben Ratzinger: it seems the absurd and bumbling Rowan The Beard, Archbish of Cant, was unprepared for this recent slippery-popery manoeuvre. Maybe St Tony, with his uncanny gift for following the real power and money, guilt-free at that – he himself a man who managed the conversion bit (or crossover bid) a while back – might have tipped Williams the wink? So much for current Christian 'unity': yet nearly all the other cults and sects, the heresies and -isms and schisms, are as ridiculous and/or abhorrent. Such silly gibberish, promoted by 57 different varieties of men in skirts, does at least advance the world's necessary move towards a rational and humane atheism: let's hope common sense prevails soonest.

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