Saturday, 10 October 2009

plug for Trevor!

Went to Trevor Hamilton's book launch at Topsham yesterday. He's written an interesting book on FWH Myers, yet another Victorian oddball, wealthy eccentric, explorer of the paranormal, spiritualism etc. Myers was also in his day a well-regarded poet and philosopher. Trevor has done some amazing research and writes well so I'm looking forward to reading this (beautifully produced and illustrated) book, Immortal Longings. It's definitely the sort of thing Fortean Times devotees would enjoy.

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  1. Alexis,
    I picked up a beautifully leather-bound 2 vol first ed of Myers Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death in a Warrington Library clear-out circa 1970. I skim it occasionally for a larf and hide cash in it knowing no burglar would look there. (But Ken you've just told the whole world...Er..yis. I suppose I'll have to think of somewhere else). All bollocks of course one scientific-rationalistically concludes..And yet Myers is obviously no crank and his accounts of total sceptics having visions of relatives dying 10,000 miles away are convincing. Pity this great book didn't survive its bodily death on the local library shelves - well, I suppose it did actually - on my shelves